The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Myth About Lovebirds Exposed

Today one of my friend asked after reading so many articles in this blog- "I read most of the articles in your blog. You have never exposed the fact that if one of the lovebird dies, other will either die of loneliness or wither off. Please write about this in your next post. " Then only I researched a lot whether this fact is true or false. This is absolutely FALSE!

I have seen so many lovebirds in my cage, after death of its mate, the lovebird tried to bond with other bird. Some of them are succeeded too. If they can't find a mate, immediately they will try to squawking continuously due to boredom.

If I remove this lovebird and maintained in a separate cage, the lovebird tries to bond with me and also considering me as its mate. (What the hell!). After few days, she cuddle and chirp at me she loves me as I am her mate.

So I came to conclusion that this theory of lovebird will die once its mate was separated due to varied reason is really a MYTH. If anyone tell this story, immediately defer their statement and you should act as an eye opener to them.