The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

When to Consult your Avian Vet?

As a lovebird owner, you should know when to fix an appointment with your avian vet. Hence I have pooled some of the important disease symptoms of lovebirds below. If you have noticed any of the symptoms, you ought to contact your vet immediately-

1. head, tail or wings drooping
2. vent soiling
3. More thirst, which will lead more water consumption
4. disorientation
5. Change in normal activities- Preening playing with toys, different perching areas etc.
6. abnormal sleep pattern
7. Picking of feathers or falling of feathers in excess amount
8. Untidy and fluffed up appearance
9. Head circling
10. Loss of appetite

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lovebirds- Are they really Lovable?

I love my lovebirds like anything. In spite of my initial problems with these birds, I didn't get any problem from these lovable creatures. I am going to discus about the problems encountered with my lovebirds while I have started to rear.

Once upon a time, I was a disgruntled lovebird owner because I bought my hand-fed baby lovebird from a pet store and that poor creature had bitten my fingers. Moreover, it was acting in such a way that it was going to be murdered when I finally caught it and also refuses to come out of the cage. These worst habits of a lovebird made me to think twice- Is it necessary to rear this bird? Moreover I was in an undeserved reputation about these unfriendly wild parrots.

I researched a lot to made my lovable lovebirds really lovely one. I read that lovebirds purchased from pet stores will behave like this only because these pet stores won't concentrate on these tiny creatures when they are housing both large parrots and tiny lovebirds. Once lovebirds haven't got human interaction at least for a week, then they would become as a wild.

Initially I didn't loose my heart. I spoke daily with this tiny lovebird. I spent nearly 30 minutes to speak with this fella morning and evening. It became normal within 15 days. Now I will finish my breakfast with my lovebirds in my shoulder.

The lesson I learnt is - "lovebird babies need to be stroked, talked to, played with, and reassured. These babies will make the best pets." So don't worry!!! You also adore your lovebirds within couple of weeks, if you have bought the same just few days back. Don't loose your heart and think that you have selected a worst pet in the world. ALL THE BEST!!!