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The Lovebirds
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Watering Management in Lovebirds

Ample supply of water is must for the lovebirds that are maintained in the cages. Water should be made available daily to these lovable creatures. The water shall be changed at least twice daily in order to occurrence of any water-borne diseases. The vessel needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The watering system should be placed away from feeder and perches at the top to avoid contamination.

Normally, lovebirds will consume water twice the amount of feed. The water and feed ratio is about 2:2. If feed consumption rate is about 2 gms, it will consume about 4-4.5 gms of water.

Water consumption was found varying depending on hotness of the day, feed type, age of the birds, quantum of greens offered, body condition, etc. and hence, definite correlation could not be found out in general.

Now-a-days, automated watering system is being extensively used for lovebirds colonies. This system consists of vario-flo valves, flex tubing, and pressure regulators for the lovebirds. Using this automated watering system not only saves lots of time but also provide fresh and cool water, especially during warm and humid climate.

Keeping clean watering system, providing adequate water at any time inside cage and proper placement of the watering system helps a lot for your beloved lovebirds, especially preventing it from diseases.

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