The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, February 19, 2007

How to Mate Lovebirds?

I think now you have become as a lovebird breeder as your pet shows signs of mating. Now the big question in your mind is "How to mate lovebirds?" The first and foremost thing is that closely related lovebirds should not be allowed to mate each other. (e.g.) Brother and sister or father and daughter.

As lovebirds are the smallest members of the parrot family, these beautiful little creatures are charming to interact with and exhilarating to watch. The best way to mate the lovebirds is to select the appropriate pair and transfer them to a separate cage.

You should maintain an appropriate breeding ratio, if you're maintaining a community of lovebirds. If you are maintaining ten birds, the ratio should be 5:5. This will help to reduce infighting among them. Fresh water must be constantly in supply. Provide a Cuttlebone for better results.

You can easily confirm that your hen is in breeding mood, once it can be seen tucking nesting material in her neck or beneath her wings. Even you can provide newspaper at the bottom of the cage. The hen will shred the newspaper to use it as the nesting material. Even you can provide bark, fruit and popular branches or small willow for them to build nest.

The nest box should be either 10 inches x 6 inches x 8 inches, which should be made up of strong plywood. Once a pair bonded each other, they will mate each other. As you think, breeding lovebirds is not a fun experience it is VERY scary.

Foreplay starts when the male feeds the female. After few hours of foreplay, the actual mating of lovebirds occurs that may be lengthy and repetitive several times a day for several days. The male mounts on the female back and coitus occur after holding her flight feathers for a perfect grip. This mating behavior is noticed among the pairs until it reaches five years old.

Don't think -- Lovebirds are monogamous--they will mate only with a specific pair. Nooo!!! If you allow the particular male to another female of the next group, they will start building nest for their progeny. Actually lovebirds are leading a life of social monogamy-living in pairs but sexually unfaithful.

You may ask which is the best monogamous mammal (mating and bonding with one partner for life). As you think-Humans are not one of these naturally monogamous animals, it is nothing but- Prairie voles, termites, and black vultures…

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