The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Suitable Plants and shrubs in Your Lovebirds Aviary

Before placing beautiful plants in your lovebird’s aviary, you should ascertain is it really necessary to have plants in aviary. Don’t think your aviary is beautiful and natural look if you plant some ornamental plants. These plants will act as a hide outs and also act as place for building nests.

You should always plant shrubs, ivy, and other plants in such a way that the birds can still use the full length of the aviary as a flight area.

In practice, you should plant bigger shrubs and plants against the back of the aviary and smaller, broadly flaring shrubs in the center of the aviary. No aviary should be without climbers. You can guide the climbers along the underside of the roof to create some shade.

Although lovebirds are very destructive and plants are wasted on them, they do like to climb. Hence a fair-sized tree without any leaves on it can be placed in your lovebirds aviary.

Don’t think that perches are not necessary if you provide trees and shrubs inside the aviary. PERCHES are necessary to put in the aviary.

Suitable plants and shrubs should be identified before placing it inside the lovebird’s aviary. Some of the plants are poisonous to bird’s viz., Laburnum. The common plants and shrubs used in the aviary includes Pyracantha, hornbeam, thistle, rose, lilac, juniper, broom, ivy, spruce, privet, conifer, and elder.

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