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The Lovebirds
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lovebirds Molting Period Maintenance

Do you know an adult lovebird molts once in a year? If a lovebird molts more frequently or for a very long period of time, this may be due to bird getting the wrong kind of foods, stress, or factors such as sudden change of temperature, or a disease.

The molting period is a critical period for almost all species of lovebirds that make considerable demands on their contributions. Birds need extra nutrients during the molting period and most birds are also less active during this period than usual. The molting period on average lasts between six to eight weeks.

A frequently occurring problem is ‘Perch Molting’. This means that the birds just keeping on molting. Perch molting is often caused by bathing and drinking water that is too cold, in comparison with the ambient temperature.

A good household remedy to help the birds get through this molting period is to give them a tiny amount of sodium dissolved in drinking water everyday.

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Sean Pollock said...

Interesting. When I had my bird I never really noticed that it was molting, unfortunately it's dead now so I'll never be able to witness this... Interesting read, thanks :).