The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cage Position For the Lovebirds

Regardless of the kind of material it has been made of, the birdcage should never be placed in direct sunlight or in a dark place. It is important for the birds well-being that it gets enough light.

A little morning sun usually does a bird a great deal of good. Most birds like to sit in a high place, from which they have a good view of what is going on around them. This tends to make them safer. You should, therefore, preferably place the cage on a stand or on a table rather than on or just above the ground.

Never place a cage in a draft or a place that might get a draft because of open windows and /or doors. Birds are extremely sensitive to this. A birdcage should never be placed in or near the kitchen.

Birds' lungs are extremely sensitive to poisonous substances. Bird lovers have known for some time that a number of gases are released when Teflon-coated nonstick pans heated and that these gases can kill birds fairly quickly, especially members of the budgerigar family. It is less generally known that this may also happen with pans made of other materials, nonstick ovens linings, and table grills.

It is for reason that a cage should never be placed in or near a kitchen. There have, however, also been a number of instances in which birds died even though they were a couple of rooms away from the kitchen. You, should, therefore, always be very careful.

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