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The Lovebirds
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Care Baby Lovebirds?

For a lovebird owners, losing baby lovebirds is really a discouraging experience. My first advice is don't try to hand feed your baby lovebird unless otherwise the mother disowned her chicks. In the case of mother's demise, you should try to adopt hand feeding of baby lovebirds.

If you buy a baby lovebird from market, then you should know where to place it. A plastic-type reptile container is more than sufficient to rear them for couple of weeks because it will give enough room to grow as well as keeping them safe. Try to place the food at one end and make the baby lovebirds to utilize the other end for cuddling. This will help you to prevent the birds making clutter in their food spot.

Use plastic-type O-ring syringe to feed birds with the baby bird formula, which you can obtain from any animal nutritionist.

Always provide warm food because the young one always gets regurgitated food from its mother. The preferred temperature of food should be 103 degrees.

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