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The Lovebirds
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Lovebirds Caring Tips

Congratulations!!! So your lovebird is nesting now. Then, this is high time to get to know about baby lovebirds caring tips. If you haven’t cared your baby lovebirds well, you’ll lose them that could be a discouraging experience.

Once you notice the baby lovebirds coming out of the nest, this is the time you should intervene. If you allow the baby birds along with the parents more than couple of weeks, the male bird will try to peck these little birds. Remove them and rear the young ones in a sizable plastic-type reptile container for first few weeks.

You should pull out the entire clutch at 10 days old; if you want them to hand rear. Feed the infant birds with syringes along with provision of adult food such as millets and greens. Fill the syringes half way with baby lovebird liquid feed. You should pull the syringe out about 3-5 seconds of feeding. Wipe the beak with a tissue paper or soft cloth, then again start feeding. Stop feeding once you feel that the crop is full. You should place the hand-held syringe on the RIGHT side of the beak to push the feed on left side, otherwise the bird will get choke.

Initially hand feed your bird with guidance from an experienced trainer. You can buy baby bird formula available commercially.

As we know very well that the baby birds are fed with regurgitated food by its mother in nature, you should provide them with warm food (103 F). Check the food thoroughly after warm up in order to avoid hot spots and stuff like that. If the food is too warm and fed the baby lovebirds unnoticed, then there is possibility of CROP BURN.

If the baby birds stop wanting the syringes, this clearly shows that they are completely independent. Now you can sell them to any other owner after completely examining that there are no health issues. 

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