The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Naming a love bird depend on its nature...

It’s all within the name! Simply put Lovebirds tend to be more likely than not likely to love you and obtain very attached to you. While this is a good thing it could be taken too much. Firstly, you should choose some cute love bird names. Giving a name to your pet will be thrilling and confusing at the same moment. To some bird owners, this part is as simple as eating cake. For others however, getting a love bird name may be as difficult as solving a math. It is quite necessary for the birds to get accustomed to their names. You may call them Harry and Julie. 

One of the most typical problems owners face with their lovebirds is commonly him getting temperamental when you do not give the interest he thinks he should get, or potentially the attention he's been receiving till now.

There is a good debate taking place on the topic whether Lovebirds should end up being purchased as a couple or as single. A few experts say that pairing lovebirds may detract from relationships with human, whereas others say that some Love Birds when paired can immediately turn one another on. While the question continues to be unanswered, the general opinion is that lovebirds help to make great pets. They're in the parrot family and therefore are considered quite smart, active, entertaining and extremely social pets. It is said that they need regular attention to keep them secure because of their tiny size.

Another essential fact is that since they're very inquisitive and incredibly active, they are susceptible to accidents. For instance, when they drink water, they play in their water bowls, and when let from the cage, can be drowned in the bathroom or toilet. They also prefer to explore enclosed places in your house, mostly drawers or other closet which might be ajar. In truth, Love Birds generally die from accidents in your home than by falling ill.

Bonding with the person is an additional feature of Lovebirds which may also be harmful to their own health. They may sit near you and you don’t realize they're there, and by mistake sit on them. Or they might be following you round the house and can certainly be stepped upon.

So it is essential to train your lovebird from developing manners that could ultimately hurt them. Training them will prevent bad habits like biting. Attention to the lovebird should be provided daily in order to bond with the owner.

These birds especially love cradling and cuddling, but it's also wise to be aware they are able to just as easily cuddle into your clothes which doesn't bode well on their behalf.

I recommend not naming your love birds until you meet it. You may make a list of names if you want, especially the names you like for birds. Do not pick one love bird name, although you may have a favorite, until the lovebird actually arrives. You will have to understand your lovebird's personality steadily, over some days, and then choose your love bird name! This actually is the best way to start.

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