The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
Perfect Pairs

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Different Types of Lovebirds

Lovebirds are very popular and prolific. There are different types of lovebirds. They do not need a lot of space and many are very pretty. Some, however, have very vicious tempers and have been known to bite off other birds’ toes.

Lovebirds have quiet voices, some species merely chirping like songbirds, but are not usually able to mimic. Sexing is easy with some species, difficult with others. In mature birds in breeding condition, the pelvic bones are a few millimeters apart in females but almost touching in males.

Origin and Habit

The lovebirds are usually originated from Africa, including the Malagasy Republic.

Lovebirds live partly in bushy or woodland regions, but also partly in the plains and sandy regions, including mountainous areas up to 3000 meters.

They are very agile, hopping and scrambling among the branches, and also clever on the ground. During breeding, they keep in pairs; otherwise they live in small groups.

Lovebirds build their nests in hollow trees, some species preferring a domed nest, others merely a cup-shaped nest. Some lovebirds choose the nest of other birds, and others use termite mounds. They line them in bark, pieces of leaves and reeds, transported in their beaks or among their plumage. They feed on seeds, berries and fruits of all kinds.

Different Types of Lovebirds

In the world there are nearly nine types of lovebirds. They are as follows:-

  1. Orange-headed love bird/Red faced lovebird – Native of Azole/Ethopia.
  2. Grey-headed love bird/Lavender headed love bird- Native of Madagascar Island.
  3. Black-winged love bird/ Mountain Parrot/ Abyssinian- Native of Ethopia.
  4. Black collared love bird/ Liberian love bird/ Swinderns- Native of Zaire and Liberia
  5. Peach faced love birds/ Rose headed love bird- Native of Australia, Africa and Angole
  6. Black marked love bird/ yellow colored love bird- Native of Tanzania
  7. Fischers lovebird – Native of Tanzania
  8. Nyasa land love bird / Lillians lovebird / Strawberry head lovebird- Native of Zambia and Melawi.
  9. Black faced love bird / Black checkered lovebird- Native of Zambia.

Many types of lovebirds fetch about the same price. Lovebirds that are not imported or bred in great quantities are, of course, more expensive. Some types of lovebirds, which used to be common, are now rarely offered for sale. This is due partly to the cost of expeditions and partly to an export ban by certain African States. Several color mutations have been bred and more will probably arise in due course.

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