The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Why Lovebirds are Called So?

It is an accepted fact that much information is available on various species of mammals but not with birds especially lovebirds. It is also equally true that specific technical information is highly lacking with particular species of bird, despite the frequent and common encountering of such birds by bird lovers or aviary owners.Before knowing the lovebirds care, it is essential to know about why lovebirds are called so?

In these circumstances, there is need to bring to limelight some salient features pertaining to captive reared lovebirds and in this regard, this blog was chosen and useful technical information are gathered which will be of highly useful not only for veterinarians but also for common people or aviary owners who rear such beautiful birds.

They are called as lovebirds because they sit together on a perch, preen each other and generally behave in a loving manner; however, it is to be remembered that most lovebirds are notoriously aggressive towards other birds and towards non-familiar member of their own species. Hence take more caution during introduction of new birds to existing stock in cage or aviaries and hence, the name may even be a misnomer!

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