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The Lovebirds
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is the lifespan of lovebirds?

Most of the lovebirds owners are breaking their head to find out the lovebirds lifespan. As most of the website are giving the lovebirds information like choosing a lovebird, lovebird health, training and behavior, lovebirds breeding and nine species of lovebirds, the life expectancy of the lovebirds is obscure.

Lovebirds Lifespan In Wild

In wild the life expectancy is about 5 to 7 years as they are being lifted for food by snakes,birds of prey and African cats.As the lovebirds have been reared in cages, the lifespan is usually doubled than normal because there is no deforestation which cause habitat loss and shortage of food, no drought which cause food shortages and water and also no predators, which cause extreme stress and never ending alertness.

Life Expectancy of Captive Lovebirds

Most of the pet owners confirm that a lovebird can live to be anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. some records confirmed that they lived up to thirty years. The surrounding environment is playing important role in the lovebirds lifespan.

If you want your lovebird to live more than fifteen years, then provide lots of fresh food and clean water daily. In addition to this, love and attention towards your bird will definitely increase its lifespan.

If you're maintaining your bird in good nutritious diet that includes fresh veggies and fruits, and foods high in beta carotene like carrots and cooked yams, with perfect human care, you can expect your lovebird to cross 15+ years.

As bottom line, seeking veterinary help before a lovebird becomes very ill, and keeping the cage and feeding dishes clean is your perfect protocol for having a long, healthy lifespan.


Eirhead said...

Our lovebird (Dumb-dumb) is about 17 years old now, we've never really got into the habit of preparing him fresh fruit and vegetables, but he does chew up plenty of our plants and gets a good daily dose of dirt :) He always has freshwater, if he can hear you pouring water, LOOKOUT, he's probably about the jump in for a drink or a bath. We give him plenty of love and he seems to have grown fond of head rubs.

His diet is primarily just seed, but I think his ultra-sanitary living conditions, combined with plenty of fresh water and love has afforded him his lifespan with hopefully many years still yet to come.

Terry said...

My lovebird is 14 yrs old. His partner died at 7 yrs. old. He has been thru the death of 3 birds, his mate, a cockatiel and another lovebird. The last one was a little tough on him but we both survived. He is healthy but you can tell he is getting older. He is very active, I let him roam the house so he gets plenty of exercise. He loves baths and especially fresh running water. My neighbor says he listens better than the kids. LOL. He is a good bird with a lot of character. Thanks for the opportunity to tell someone what a good bird he has been. He even likes to travel with me on long road trips, he has been back and forth from New York to Oklahoma at least a half a dozen times. Some trips are just to stressful for him so he stays home.

brasilgrrl said...

My lovebird, Sun, is almost 13 yrs old now. His partner died at about 2 years old. Sun seems perfectly happy being alone, he rings his bell all the time and likes to drop his mirror to the ground to get attention! He loooves GrapeNuts, Cheerios and apple that's been cut up. Also, he can tell the difference between faucet water and water that comes out of the refridgerator! He will only bathe in refridgerator water. These birds are so funny. If only they could talk!

samantha said...

My lovebird, Angel (Angelo), is 8 years old now. He never had a mate, I guess you could say I am because he loves to cuddle up to me and get lots of attention. Angelo is quite funny he can open the remote cover, pick up pennies and drop them off the dining room table, flips around his cage and lets the dogs chase him around the house, what a bundle of joy!

J Foster said...

I am very happy to report that my Peach Faced Lovebird Jake will be turning 20 on July 1. We purchased him in 1990 from a pet store and I hand fed him for the first three weeks I had him. He is very stubborn and while he loves to sit on us he is not very fond of being stroked or touched. We love him to death and he looks as good now as he did the day we bought him.

jason.h said...

My lovebird peokoe turned 5 in march i actually bought him from a bird show and he was the only peachface in the cage, I got him for $50aud and raised him he has been almost like a sibling in my life, He broke his leg and went through the whole process so strongly, He goes with me everywhere he knows when we go outside he has to sit under my arm in my shirt or have his head poking out the top of my collar so he sees where we are going, So he climbs into my shirt and sits everytime i go outsde unless its not winding then i will let him out, If anyone is thinking of getting a lorikeet but without the mess consider a lovebird they easy and reliable and make great pets.

steph said...

We have had our lovebird for about ten years now, but are not sure of her exact age as we received her from someone else. we are guessing she is anywhere between 14 and 16 years old though. She must be a strange case however, as we are not able to take her out of the cage. She is quite vicious and has drawn blood while we attempt to clean her cage. She has been changing color lately, and some of her habits have changed over time. She used to love here mirror with bells on it, and now hardly touches it. She does however, perk up when ever we have any meal in a metal pot, she chirps right along when spoons hit the pot. We still love her though, and with any luck we will have her for at least a few more years.


Anshita said...

Our lovebird noni is almost an year old now.We cant make out if its he or she.But for us its she.She was accompanied by another one named shoni.So together they were shoni-noni.But shoni died within 4 months of her arrival home.Noni even met with an accident as we had kept her in the sun during winters.unfortunately an eagle attacked her on the eye.But now she is again back to the normal though there is some vision problem.Now we have got two more called kitty mithi.Noni at first wasnt much of their friend.But now she has adjusted well with her new comrades and they have a happy world of their own!!

lydiabrugier said...

My peach-faced love bird is 20 years old. We purchased it from a pet store about 15 years ago and we know the age because it has a leg band. It loves to sit on my shoulder and kisss. It is very friendly with everyone. It has been to the vet only once and the vet didn't think she would make it. I gave her medicine to her in an eye dropper till she got better.I named her Peaches and she knows her name.