The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, August 18, 2008

How Lovebirds Fly in the Rain without Hurting Their Eyes?

Do you know answer for this question? If so, please don't read further. As other birds, lovebirds have a special third eyelid, called the nicitating membrane, under their regular eyelids.

It is transparent like motorists goggles on their eyes. It is drawn across the eye to moisten or clean it while flying. Many ornithologists believe the nictitans is held over the eye most or all of the time a lovebird is in the air.

The nicitating membrane in the lovebirds eye protects against collisions when birds are crashing through bushes. The birds of prey especially peregrine falcon knows very well about this membrane- thats why they closes the eyes of the prey immediately after grabbing their prey before the impact of the nicitating membrane.

One step further, Swifts (fastest flying bird) have been widely believed to be able to sleep while flying, although this has not been proved experimentally. Any how scientists believe this fact. But lovebirds never sleep while flying.

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