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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby Lovebird Diseases

Do you know at what age the baby lovebirds should be separated from its parents? Baby lovebirds should be weaned (separated) from its parents at the age of 14-18 days.

I have heard so many stories of baby lovebirds being attacked by parents after this age. Some of the parents are even worse to peck the chicks until it gets bleeding. Apart from mechanical injuries received from the parents, baby lovebirds are suffered from few more dreadful diseases.

You might have noticed a sudden death among the baby lovebirds after getting separated from the mother. You might think it is due to lack of parental care. NO... It is your deficiency of providing proper temperature in the chicks cage. So do provide proper lighting to provide enough heat. You can place them in a large "brooder"-which you can make by putting a few inches of Carefresh Cage Liner in a plastic reptile container. You can get this stuff in all pet stores.

Other common disease of baby lovebirds are pachecos (PD), which nothing but Herpes infection. The symptoms of this disease is blisters which will burst and bleeding is noticed at the site of burst. Moreover, the lovebird chicks may be affected by this condition because the parents may transmit this virus.There is ever possibility of liver failure in this condition.

The affected lovebird will defecate blackish fecal material with offensicve smell. It is really difficult to cure this condition. The only way is culling the parents or retire the pair from breeding.

Other Common Baby Lovebirds Diseases

Other common baby lovebirds diseases include-
  • Favus (ringworm)
  • Knemidocoptic mange (scaly face)
  • Hypovitaminosis A (nutritional roup)
  • Candidiasis (thrush, oidiomycosis, moniliasis)
  • Trichomoniasis
As a lovebird owner, you ought to know about these baby lovebirds diseases. This will help you to provide better lovebird care for the entire flock. You should remember that enough care should be given to the baby lovebirds because it is very important to make them as a perfect parents in near future


Claudia said...

You are so helpful! Would you be able to advise me in this situation. I have a lovebird pair that after almost 2 months ( it will be on Feb. 28th) have rejected their 3 babies. The babies can fly, but I have not seen them eat or drink on their own and that is worrying me. I have separated them today, before the parents harm them more. They are on separate cages next to each other. Do you think they will start eating on their own or should I try to feed them?
Thanks, Claudia

Angelo said...


I am faced with a similar situation. I was wondering if you ever received a response to your concern that you could share?

Did the birds learn to eat on their own?

Thanks, Angelo