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The Lovebirds
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hatching Lovebird Eggs

Most of the lovebird owners (Newbie) are really don't know when their lovebirds will lay eggs. Normally a female lovebird will start to lay eggs after 10 months of age. Breeding lovebirds is very EASY task for the lovebird breeders. But it is very difficult to find a new home for the young ones because the young ones can't be placed along with their parents for a long period.

The hatching period of lovebird eggs is usually 18-20 days of hatch. The clutch size would be 4-6 eggs. Both male and female will nest the eggs in a phased manner. It is not advisable to perform nest inspection because both the parents would be aggressive. If you're so keen to see the eggs, it always advisable to see the nest only after both parents are away from the nest.

If you want to hand feed the young chicks, it is advisable to pull hem out from the nest only after two weeks old.
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