The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips For Traveling With Lovebirds

are one of the most difficult birds for a person to bring with them on a trip because they are very easily startled. If you want to travel by air, they don't necessarily work well. Traveling will definitely made the lovebirds more excited and also sparks their curiosity. Even some of the lovebirds suffer from separation anxiety.

You can make the traveling with lovebirds more easy, if you follow the simple tips discussed below-

You should know the daily routine of the bird and if they have the same pattern while traveling, you need not worry. If you are carrying young birds, then it is very easy task because they can adjust easily for the change in surroundings. But the adult birds would have a certain pattern of living, which they don't want to change.

You should ask yourself the following questions before start of your journey-
  • Is it legal to traveling with lovebirds into the state or country?
  • Upon arrival, when will I have time for them?
  • How much time they will feel comfortable within the cage?
If you get answers for these questions, your trip won't get ruined by the lovebirds. An important step to be carried out with your lovebird is vaccinate the bird against any dreadful diseases prevailing in the area of visit. Happy Journey!!!

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