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The Lovebirds
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Advantages of training Lovebirds

"What the advantages lovebirds have over the larger species of parrot especially in case of lovebirds training?" is the question asked by most of the lovebird breeders. As the lovebirds are small and easy to handle, they can be trained at all ages.

You should tame your lovebird before giving training to the same.

Lovebirds are cute and highly sociable bird. It is easy to train a lovebird because-

1. They are so intelligent

2. Handling them to train is so easy.

You can train the lovebirds to learn different techniques such as perching on your hand, to perform different tricks and to talk also.

Whether your lovebird is a squawker? Don't worry! You should find out the reason why your lovebird is squawking. He/she may be disturbed by anything including a fly or T.V., get bored, or want your attention. If you want to control this act of squawking, you should ask him/her- "What's all the noise for?, Wanna play with me?, What are you doing?" in an excited and happy tone. That's all!!! Your lovebird will be more happy and immediately stop squawking. This simple training of lovebirds will help you to build more confidence on you.

Happy Training!!!

1 comment:

Paul said...

You forgot:

#3 - they are so damn cute and funny.

Our peachface walks around with his head upside down, marches back and forth inspecting everything, barks like a dog and growls like some kind of creature from Star Wars.

It just lights up my daughter's face to see this bird - and she's 21!