The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Love bird health-how to take the proper care of your love bird

The health of the love birds is very important and it is the duty of the owner to take care of the health of the love bird. Good diet is the key for the health of the love birds. Vegetables and fruits should be given to the love birds as much as possible. The following vegetables are good for the love birds. They are peas, beans, potatoes, cucumber, mush rooms, tomato, carrots, cabbage, etc. fruits such as pear, papaya, peach, banana, apple, melons etc are best suited for them. Avocados are not good for the love birds and hence should be avoided.

Full cereals and whole grains such as barley and multigrain can be given to the love birds. Sprout, rice, weeds, and seeds such as sesame seeds, sunflowers seeds also can be provided to the love birds. One should be care full in avoiding Lima as well as navy beans are they are lethal to love birds.

In addition to this any healthy food that is low in fat can be given to the love birds, no hassle about it. The food provided may be in the pellet form also but ensure required amount of water is provided. The owner should be very careful in not over feeding the love birds they can develop lipomas and will suffer with weight related health problems.

The love birds are in general vegetarian creatures and hence only encourage them to feed on vegetarian diet. As much as possible the meat should be avoided in the feed. The love birds will learn eating the food from the fellow birds in the cage. Let the bird be provided with vegetable protein for the growth and health of the so many other systems of the body.

The love birds should be watched closely for behavioral issues. The unwanted habits are developed only when the love birds are stressed or bored. The love birds should be engaged most of the time in order to avoid the boredom. The owner should interact with the birds as much as possible when he is at home. Television or audio set should be playing in the home and the love birds shed should be located in such as way that they can have a clear view of the television. It is advisable to play discovery channels or animal planet so that the love birds will see other animals and will feel comfortable. It is always better to buy the love bird that was bred in captivity. The wild love birds can not enjoy their life in cage as they can not fly and will get bored soon.

The owner should pay little attention to the cage of the love birds. The cage of the love bird should not be small and should have sufficient space for the birds to play within. Flying is not only the inherent habit of the birds but it is also a form of exercise and which is very essential for the health of the love birds.

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