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The Lovebirds
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lovebirds as Pets- Five Things to know about Lovable Lovebirds

Are you raising lovebirds as pets? Then, this article would be a great boon for you. Love birds are very beautiful creatures and are nothing but small parrots. Often these love birds are confused with peach faced birds because of the size and col0r these two birds share. Love birds are available in so many colors and every one is sure to delight the potential owner. Let’s discuss five important things to the lovebird owners who are keeping lovebirds as pets...

1. Singles or doubles

The pet owner can go in for one bird or two depending on his liking and life style. If one can spend time with the periodically and can think of having one bird. The others who cannot spare their time with birds for long time, then they should consider two birds. Having two birds will certainly benefit the love birds as each will be companion for the other and will stay healthy for long time. But the owner should be aware that the expense will be double. The other danger is that the birds will develop stronger bond between them than the owner.

2. Let’s do lunch

The food provided to the lovebirds should have all the nutrients required. Lovebirds care starts right from its nutrition. The birds should be provided clean water all the time. The fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts etc should be provided periodically. Cut bones/ Cuttle fishes need to be provided as a source of calcium. Let the color of the food and the texture change to make the birds enjoy the food. For information about the recipe one can log on the internet. One can get information about home made foods for the love birds. The love birds should NEVER BE GIVEN chocolate, alcohol and caffeine as they are toxic to love birds.

3. May I have your attention please?

The love birds require lot of attention. Hence please spend your leisure time with the love birds as much as possible. Your attention will keep the birds not only happy but also healthy. The love birds will be emotionally attached with the owner, if more time is spending with them. Daily interaction with the love bird will help to eliminate the unwanted behaviors such as biting the other pet, biting the people, feather plucking etc

4. Did you stay quiet?

The love birds will be constantly making noise. Some may think that it is nasty. Some may just enjoy this and consider it as normal. The noise level depends on the love birds you have and the tolerance level of the owner and his family. If it is individual house with lawns and garden then the noise level can be very well tolerated. But in apartments, the love bird’s noise may become a problem for you and the neighbors. The love birds are not generally good talkers but at times they can speak few words.

5. Love is in the air

For the health of the bird, the quality of the air also matters most. High efficiency particle arresting air purifier is the best and can be recommended. This air purifier removes the pollutants in the air which carries the bacteria and viruses that will lead to infection there by causing serious health problem. This air purifier will help the love bird happy and healthy.

So, you have learned few things to keep your lovebirds as pets. This will definitely help your lovebirds to live hale and healthy.

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