The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can you Keep Only One Love Bird?

There is a myth that the love birds should be kept as pairs only. This is absurd. The love birds can be kept as single bird, there are no qualms. But one has to definitely spare sufficient time with that lovely creature, else you are bound to have so many issues like behavioral problems, health problems etc. just like any other pet, the love birds too require constant attention, companionship, love etc. These little creatures certainly deserve the owner’s attention and time, is it not?

If not sufficient attention is provided, there can be several problems such as aggressive behavior, frequent screeching, excessive plucking of feathers, depression etc. if you are busy most of the time, then the best solution is providing a companion for these lovely little creatures.

The companion should be nothing but another love bird. It is good to have a love bird of the same species. Mixing up the species in love birds is not at all advisable. Match the peach faced love bird with the same variety but not with any other variety such as black masked love bird species. The reason is very simple; the love birds are very aggressive to other species and will never get along well.

Besides the love birds reproduce very often. The pet owner should be well prepared for that. It is not easy to find out the sex of the love birds by the physical appearance. DNA testing is the answer to the sex identification. All one has to do is sending the few feathers of the love bird to the near by veterinary hospital which has DNA analysis facility. It is always better to have love birds of opposite sex so that you will be benefited by the constant increase in the stock size.

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