The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lovebirds Bathing and Grooming

The lovebirds love bathing. These birds will use their water bowl as their swimming pool and dive in it and take a bath at least few times in a week. In case the love bird of yours is not doing this activity, you should splash water on it to clean the dirt on the body.

One should have deep bowl filled with water in the cage while trying to splash the water on the love bird. You should also play with that water with your finger to attract the love bird to bath in the water. In general, the love bird gets attracted to bathing while one attempts this technique

The room temperature water can be sprayed on the love bird. The problem with this technique is that some love birds do not enjoy this spraying. Spraying the water should be done on alternate days not daily. Molting love birds just love the spraying very much. Complete soaking of the love bird should be attempted once a week and not more.

After bathing, the lovebird should be provided safe perch. The diameter of the perch should suit the requirement of the lovebird so that the lovebird can grip it properly. This is must because; the love birds can not fly as the wings are wet. One must be very cautious about this otherwise the lovely pet will hurt itself by losing its balance and falling on the floor.

There are so many lovebirds accessories are available in the market. The one that is required most is shower perch with suction pumps. This accessory can be attached to the wall of the shower. This way the love bird will enjoy nice rain shower. The head of the shower should be positioned in such a way that the force of the water should not rattle the love bird. The water should fall on them as mist.

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