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The Lovebirds
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reasons for Beak Grinding in Lovebirds

Most of the lovebirds do grind their beaks daily. This made some of the lovebird owners to get worry about this act. Do you know why birdies do this? They will grind their beaks before going to sleep. The sound of beak grinding would be like the nails down a chalkboard thing.

Some of the lovebirds owner think this behavior is method of calming down. It is true! Moreover, your bird is grinding the beak as a sign of happy and contentment.

Sometimes the lovebirds will grind their beak as well as squinting, which mean your bird is tired, but happy.

Grinding beak also conditions lovebirds beak. This act of beak grinding behavior is similar to that of a kid sucking their thumb. Although it's a weird grating sound, it is an act of self-stimulation behavior. If you're having more than three lovebirds, it is really hard to figure out which one does that.

Let's you know your lovebirds are happy, and keeps their beaks in good shape by grinding them in a perfect manner.

1 comment:

arwa said...

thanka,s that was a great help.
My lovebird grinds it's beak every time I sit next to it and talk to it, or after i read her a book. I've always wondered what this was.