The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hidden Facts About Egg of Lovebirds.

One of my client asked- "I have a female peach faced lovebird in a cage with a male parakeet. This morning I found a single egg at the floor of the cage. How can this be? What can I do? The lovebird seems to have abandoned the egg."

This is a peculiar problem- she thinks that the parakeet crossed the peach faced lovebird and produced egg. She was very much worried about that egg. What do you think? Who is that BLACK SHEEP? How this lovebird laid egg?

No lovebird entered this cage and mated this female peach faced lovebird to produce egg. Egg producing is a physiological phenomenon just like that of menstrual cycle in women. Even if my client don't have male parakeet in the cage, the female lovebird will produce egg.

Eggs will be produced in the reproductive tract of the lovebird irrespective of mating. But these eggs are INFERTILE. Even if you place this egg with the some other brooding lovebird, it won't hatched out…

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