The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Friday, May 25, 2007

Lovebirds in your Shoulder…

Now you have a wonderful tame and trusting Lovebird. The next step in taming your lovebird is to bring her to your shoulder freely. Don’t panic while your luvy is sitting near your face. But some of the larger parrots may injure your face or even eyes. Even this small creature tries to bite you it can’t produce heavy damage.

Most of the finger-tamed lovebirds easily travel along your arm and will settle right to your shoulder. Once you manage to settle her on your shoulder, you now have hands free situation. You can walk around your home—watching TV, or even reading newspaper without any fuss.

If you’re wearing any Jewels, you should be very careful with this shoulder-riding lovebird because the shiny necklace and earrings may attract your lovebird easily. Some of the lovebirds might break these valuables and even bitten by your bird, which is highly TOXIC.

Other disadvantage with these shoulder-riding lovebirds include you might have forgotten her presence and may attend a doorbell. The lovebird might fall from your shoulder or try to fly helter-skelter after seeing a stranger at your doorsteps.

You should be double careful while cooking with a hot oven or hot burner, as this may cause severe discomfort to your lovebird. As these birds are hardly 40-60 gms in weight and also will be quiet, once it gets accustomed, it is very easy to forget her presence in your shoulder.

Be careful with your shoulder-riding lovebirds. Once you overcome the above said difficulties, you can enjoy yourself with your lovebirds…

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