The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Housing Lovebirds with Other Birds

"Can lovebirds and other bird species be housed together in an aviary?"- This is a pretty basic question on lovebirds. It is essential that you do LOTS of research on lovebirds before bringing any lovebird home.

Do you think housing lovebirds with other species of birds found to be good? NO… Under any circumstances don't house the lovebirds other species of birds like quails, parakeets, cockatiels or cockatoos…

If you house the lovebird with quail, it will kill a quail, as it is very aggressive. Hence lovebird can be housed alone or with its species.

In lovebirds, females are always aggressive than males. Some time the ferocious female lovebird will kill a docile male. Hence a good watch on the female is necessary to avoid infighting so that she doesn't kill its mate.

Even housing a lovebird with African Grey may lead to problem for the Parrot as this tiny creature will try to attack that massive one, which is ten times her size!

Lovebirds can keep company with other bird's species (Bongo Marie, Spikey Le Bec, Caique, and African Grey), without being housed in the same cage. However, they won't physically interact with each other but they do often talk to each other, whistle back and forth- usually with Bongo bossing lovebirds around.

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