The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

How to Tame your Lovebirds?

So, you have presented a new baby lovebird home for your kid. Now, it is a high time for you to play with it. As your little bird is afraid of you-you may think what to do? Taming your lovebird will sort out this problem.

You can introduce your hand to this little creature, once it shows comfortable with your presence and responds to you by getting close to the side of the cage you are near.

Bribe him a broken sunflower seed or a small piece of millet but don't try to pat your lovebird if your lovebird gets away from your hand. It may take at least two days to get familiarize with your hand and also he should get enough confidence that the hand will not hurt him.

After couple days, your lovebird will allow you to gently stroke his breast. Congrats!!! Now both of you become good friends. Now your lovebird won't move away from your hand.

Keep on talking with him when you are patting his breast. Once he feels comfortable with your hand, gentle press against the abdomen and push up a bit. Now there may be a chance to put his one foot onto your finger.

If he has not frightened, you can give next push also to put his other limb up and be standing on your hand. Some of the lovebirds will get frightened at this stage and immediately jumps off from your hand. Don't loose your heart. Once your lovebird settled and is calm, again try the same procedure.

Before taking him out of the cage, you must be certain that he should not get injured from other pets in your home (cats, dogs, etc). If you have other pets, remove them from the room where you're keeping the lovebirds.

Once your lovebird gets accustomed to your finger for at least a week, it is the time to take him out of the cage. Once you take your lovebird out of the cage, it may get panic and may fly helter-skelter. Be calm at this situation and also help him to land properly because he may not know this act. Once it lands on the floor, don't run and catch it. Talk him quietly and slowly approach him to pick him up to place him in your finger.

Although it is very easy to write or speak about taming your lovebird, it is really a Herculean task for an owner to tame the lovebirds. ALL THE BEST!!!

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