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The Lovebirds
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Menu For Your Weaned Lovebird Chicks

The best time for weaning a baby lovebird is after 4 weeks age. Within this period, you should practice the young ones to take feed from your hand or on its own. In my opinion, a lovebird would be a best eater once it is exposed to foods at the earliest possible time.

Slowly introduce all types of food a lovebird eats. The common food items introduced initially might be crumbled Roudybush pellets, sunflower sprouts, and millets.

Lovebirds are chronic sufferers of food phobia. That is a lovebird will fly wildly inside the cage as such a snake entered into the cage once you introduce a new food item that it hasn't seen before. Hence it is strongly advised to provide a different type of food daily.

The sample menu for your newly weaned lovebird may be:

Monday: sunflower sprouts, seed mix, cooked sweet potato (mashed) with corn niblets mixed in.

Tuesday: Pellets, Cheerios, Cooked brown rice or quinoa with sprouted beans and seeds.

Wednesday: Exact pellets, Wheat grass

Thursday: Carrots (chopped to 1 cm size), cooked corn niblets, Roudybush pellets, and Seed mix.

Friday: Millet, Pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, Cheerios.

I think now you got an idea. Your feeding schedule and food items need not be the same as above. You can use the locally available items, but the main idea is you should provide different food items EVERY SINGLE DAY. Then, food won't be scary and strange for your lovebirds, but it would induce the eating habit…

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