The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Toys for Lovebirds

Do you know lovebirds are violent chewers? Hence this point should be kept in mind while selecting toys for your tiny thing. Lovebird toys are often filmsy and too small for the assiduous beak of the lovebird. Within no time, you can easily make sure that which toys are most preferred by your lovebird.

Toys for lovebirds should possess no small parts, which can be chewed off and swallowed. Make sure that the selected model contains no loose strings or clips that your lovebird could stick its feet or beak. Sometimes wide ring in a toy may cause head trapping.

Safe Toys

Safe models for lovebirds include ladders, bells, acrylic, rawhide, leather, sisal, or wood toys. Some of the pet owners prefer to go for converting their households into perfect toy for their lovebirds.

Dried pasta shapes, ink-free cardboard, paper cups, and paper towel rolls may be used to build nice dolls for the lovebirds. As lovebirds are very playful and agile, you can produce different toys daily for keeping them busy all the day.

For bottom play area (floor), you can build a teeter-totter for your lovebird using dowels. It would love to walk back and forth along it.

Toys painted with some dyes, lead and zinc paints, lacquers, adhesives and glues should be avoided as they are acting as health hazards for your lovebird. Although cotton ropes are good for playing, strict supervision is necessary since birds may get entangled in the loosened end of the ropes.

Toys will help your birds free from vices like feather plucking, eating unwanted things (Pica), etc. Happy moments!!!

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