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The Lovebirds
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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Potty Train your Lovebirds...

As a prestigious owner of a tiny lovebird, you'll know that these birds are very intelligent. They can be 'potty' trained to poop on a paper or in a trash container instead of around the house.

How to train?

Dog books will help you a lot to learn the potty training your lovebird. Dog training involves showing a right spot every time after each meal, but lovebirds are also a lot like that, with one really BIG difference: they go as often as once every few minutes!

Uncover the birdcage in the morning after it poops. Wait till it completes. Immediately open the cage once it finishes her/his act, otherwise the lovebird has no reason to associate the action with the result.

Always open the cage immediately after pooping. After few days or weeks, the bird may call you immediately after pooping to let her out.

Potty training lovebird may take few days for some birds or it might take few weeks for others. Hence it always requires instructor's patience and persistence.

Some of my friend's lovebirds hesitate to poop on their favorite human perch as they're having some sort of instinctive desire.

Choosing suitable word for pooping is essential. The same word should be used for the act by all of your family members. For example- you can say- "Poopie, go poppie, poppie!" once you identified the act of defecation. The bird immediately respond and it will go to T-stand or newspaper to poop. Say- "good bird!" when he/she was done.

By means of this act you can build positive binding with performing the action of pooping on her own and the word poopie.

Potty training your lovebird will help your lovebird to enjoy freedom outside the cage without the constant clean up.

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