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The Lovebirds
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Monday, June 25, 2007

How to Tame An Untamed Lovebird?

It is not Joke that if you try to peep into your untamed lovebirds cage, chance are you will loose a piece of skin off your finger because lovebirds are very territorial birds. Hence it is highly advisable to follow the step by step procedure to tame an untamed lovebird as a pet training book is suggesting. This will help you maintain your lovebird not only hale and healthy but also act as a key to successful taming your untamed lovebird.

In case if you're having two untamed lovebirds, you need to separate them to give training. Once you tame them you can bring back them together. In addition to this, you should be cautious enough in handling them both on a daily basis otherwise you would lose them…

Provide only 75 percent of feed in the cage and rest of the feed items should be provided during training session. Moreover tame your untamed lovebird in dimlight as they would be calmer as they are poorer in vision.

While taming your untamed lovebird, clip the wings. Keep in mind that clipping should be done only on flight feathers. Caution should be taken while trimming the quills. If you clip the end of the quills, there will be excessive bleeding.

Toys should be avoided during taming period. After getting tamed introduce their favorite toys to give them in-house training. Lovebirds need total enchanting from you…

Most of the lovebirds get scared for gloves. Try to avoid them while taming. Don't think taming an untamed lovebird is a Herculean task as they're hilarious to tame. And also funny pets…

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