The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Lovebirds – How to care?

The love birds are very small and hence the baby love birds are tiny. Caring the baby love bird is not all that easy. If you are a starter here are few suggestions in this article about caring the baby love birds

Where to place them?

Sizable plastic type reptile container is considered best for the baby love birds for few weeks of their early life. The space provided for the baby love birds should be sufficient for their growth and at the same time the baby love birds needs to be safe there. The bottom of the pot should be lined with cage liner. The untreated papers should be used as towels above that. The cleaning on daily basis will be easy if these untreated papers are used. The food should be kept at the one end of the box and the space for cuddling should be at the other end. This way the possible clutter of the food part can be prevented.

When to take over for the babies parents?

The pet owner must know when the parents of the baby bird are allowed to take care, which is the first and foremost thing he should know. The entire clutch can be pulled out once the youngest baby love birds is about ten days old. The eldest baby love birds should be 16- 17 days at that time. If the baby love birds are older than 17 days then the hand feeding is bit difficult. If the love birds hatching is far apart and if the older baby love birds is older than 17 days by the time the younger baby love birds is 10 days old, then do not hesitate to remove the clutch two times.


Abundance weaning approach is the most popular weaning method. This way the baby birds will be fed with syringe while there will be sufficient adult food also. This way the baby love birds will be motivated to eat the food themselves. As the days pass the baby love birds will slowly avoid the syringe feeding and will start eating their food on their own. It is always recommended that the weaned love birds are observed for some days for any health issues. Only on confirmation that there is no health issue the lovebirds should be sold.

Feeding from your hand

As discussed earlier, hand feeding is the best for first few weeks. Hand feeding is not all that easy and hence experienced trainers help is required instead of attempting is all by your self. The love bird baby food is available in pet stores and the same should be used for the baby love birds. For syringe feeding O –ring plastic syringe needs to be used. The baby love birds prefer warm food as they are used to regurgitated food. The ideal temperature required is 103 degree Fahrenheit. In case the food is warmed, care is taken to stir properly for uniform distribution of temperature to avoid heat burn.

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