The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to train lovebirds- the first step to successfully train a love bird

Are you the first time love bird owner? Do you want to know the ways and means of training a love bird? There are few steps one need to follow to train the love birds. Here is little information about the love bird training.

Gain trust

Gaining the love birds trust is first and fore most things in training the love bird. This is very much required if the love birds has not handled by anyone already. If the love bird is having any unwanted behaviour, then gaining the trust of the need of the hour. Biting is one such unwanted behaviour. Gaining the trust is easy. All one needs is little patience. The process should be started slowly.

To start with the love bird can be made to touch the tip of a small object like pencil or small stick. If the love bird can do that successfully, the birds should be treated or praised. Every time the bird responds positively, treat it again and again. Then proceed to touch command. For touch command one should use the finger or hand. The bird will slowly start trusting you. You also there after will handle the love bird with confidence. Gaining the trust of the love bird is the most crucial aspect in training the love birds as discussed already. Once that part is crossed, the rest of the thing will be easy.

Rewarding the love bird often

Once the trust is gained then one can move on to other new skill development. Stopping the unwanted sounds, coming to the owner as and when called, mimicking the sounds made by the owner etc are some of the new skills that can be taught to the love birds. Every time the bird obeys your command, the love bird needs to be rewarded with its favourite food or toy.

The key in love bird training is positive reinforcement. One should be aware of the love bird treat and one should have them in hand in sufficient quantity always. Nuts, millets, sun flower seeds etc are the treats that are liked by most of the love birds. Some love birds will prefer the love of the owner more than anything. Each love birds should treated as per its liking if they respond to the training well.

Perfect one skill at a time

The love birds are tiny little birds and hence do not try to teach them so many thing at a time. One should start with one skill at a time and the training should continue till the bird perfects it. Once the bird has perfected the skill, and then the other skill training should be attempted. Putting a ball in the loop, waving and turning around are some of the skills that can be taught to the love birds which will make them busy and chase away their boredom. If one tries to teach so many tricks at a time, then the bird will get confused and may not pick up anything and hence such practice should be avoided.

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