The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Housing of Lovebirds

For love birds the out door aviary is the best. The biggest advantage of the out door aviary is that the love birds will get the natural sun light which is very essential for the feathers and also for the over all health of the love birds. In case the out door aviary is not feasible because of the climate, then in door aviary can be planned but the same should be supported by full spectrum lighting.

Love birds will enjoy very much if they are housed at high traffic area of the house as they will get enough of interaction. The cage of the love bird should have enough space for flying which will improve the over all health of the love birds. Flying is a kind of exercise for the love birds. Besides the love birds will become obese if not proper exercise is performed.

As far as the cage size is concerned, larger the space more will be the comfort. The bar space should be not less than one inch. The diameter and the texture of the perches are very important to avoid the foot sores and arthritis problems. The main perch should be of wood and this perch will be used by the love birds most of the time. Sandy perch is used by the love birds at night for sleeping and hence these perches should be placed at reasonable height. The gate should be made of metal and the same should be positioned at the bottom so that cage cleaning will be easy. The love birds will be kept clean from their own droppings.

Here are few recommendations for the love bird housing. They are cage, cage liner, organic pellet, treats, mineral block, food -finding toys, interactive training tools and courses, variety of perches and shred able toys, bird perch scale.

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