The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
Perfect Pairs

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things to think before rearing love birds

The love birds are named thus as these tiny birds love to interact and stay in pairs. These birds love to stay with her partner for long time. These birds sit side by side with the partner hours together. The name of these birds means "inseparables” in French and German.

These love birds are small parrots but these birds can make loud noises. Though these birds are small, they are aggressive in nature. Hence the pet owner should keep watchful eyes when these love birds are allowed to socialize with other animals, birds and other human beings.

Of late more and more people are opting for love bird rearing. But there are lot questions that need to be answered. The love birds are attention seeking creatures. Hence one should have sufficient time for spending time with these lovely creatures. These birds slip in to boredom if not proper attention and affection is paid which will affect the over all health of the birds. The boredom will lead to plucking of the feathers.

These animals should be fed properly and required water should be provided. There are so many health problems for these love birds just as the case of so many other animals. Hence there should be avian specialist help nearby. The love birds should be rushed to the specialist in case of any health issues.

The house should have large and safe space for these love birds. The lovebird rearing should be long time commitment. The households and the neighbours should be adjustable with the noise and the scream these little creatures make. If all those mentioned above is met with then one can think of rearing love bird without any hesitation. For the information, the average size of the love bird is 5 inch and the average life span is 15 years.

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