The Lovebirds

The Lovebirds
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grooming and hygiene of love birds

Grooming and hygiene of the love birds is very important as lot many people are allergic to the danders that comes out from the love birds. The love birds should be bathed in order to avoid this dander problem.

In winter months the love birds should be bathed -3-5 times and in summer months the love birds should be bathed 5-7 times at least. If the love bird of your likes to bath more often and the same should be encouraged as the birds will be clean and the plumage will look healthy and the allergy problems are reduced further.

There are many ways of bathing and each and every bird has their own preference. The love birds can bath as they wish in the wild but in captivity there are few limitations. Here are few ways in bathing the love birds in captivity. An extra bowel of water can be kept in the cage. The bowel can be seen hanging or can be kept at the bottom of the cage. The love birds can be sprayed with water using a bottle. If the aviary is kept outside, the love birds can bath in natural rain water. Some love birds prefer hot water, some prefer warm water and some other birds prefer cold water.

Clipping the flight feathers should never be practised in love birds as this will prevent the love birds from exercising [flying]. The love bird will only be walking and climbing around in the cage. The love birds love flying as it is their natural instinct.

The love birds also like to spend time with the pet owners. The love birds in general crave for attention. In you feel that clipping is necessary, and then you need to consult the avian specialist. If required, the nail and beak trimming can be done, but the professional help is required for this. The bamboo perches, if provided in the cage, then there is a possibility of natural way.

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